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Jeongyang Swamp Ecological Park

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Located at Jeongyang-ri, Daeyang-myeon, Hapcheon-gun, Jeongyang Swamp was created by heightened sea level and sedimentation at the Nakdonggang (river) main stream after the post glacial age about 100,000 years ago. It is the back swamp of Acheoncheon which is a branch of Hwanggang (river) and is famous for outstanding natural environment and as a habitat of various animals and plants. Biologically and ecologically, the site is a swamp with extraordinary value.

However, due to recent decline of water level of Hwanggang and artificial reclamation, the site has become terrestrialized and the water quality is worsening quickly.

For 5 years from 2007 to 2011, Hapcheon-gun has initiated a continuing project called 「Jeongyang Swamp Ecological Park Project」 in 3 stages and as a result, the swamp regained its life-form diversity and was reborn as a site of life energy that connects the nature with humans.

There is a 3.2km long trail called Saengmyunggil (life trail) created around the swamp to enjoy the ecological environment and it is supposed to increase the community health of the visitors and preserve the ecological environment of the swamp as well. Around this wooden decked trail, there are Gashiyeon(Asin euryales), Suryeon (Water lilies), Uhriyeon (Floating hearts), Waegaeyeon (Yellow Pond lilies), Mulokjam (Monochoria korsakowi), Jarapul (Hydrocharis dubia) and many other aquatic plants.
Also as Goni (Swan), Hinbbyamgeomdungori (Spot-billed duck), Kireoki (Wild goose) and thousands of birds visit the swamp, it has become a popular site as a migratory birds’ habitat. Also with supply of fresh water and with regular cycle of water at the stagnant areas, the water quality is increasing quickly and the site is perfect for visitors in experiencing the ecological environment.

Continuously being recreated as a garden of life, Jeongyang Swamp lies not only as a “stepping stone that connect the lives of nature with people” but also as the “living report that people should preserve to pass it on to our future generations” and as the greatest value that people should take care with sincerity.

* Jeongyang Swamp Ecological Park Remediation Project planned for 2012~2013

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  • Address : 730 Daeyaro, Daeyang-myeon, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
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